Many people love to read as this activity stimulates the mind, allowing the reader to learn more. In fact, students are encouraged to read during their free time. The reason being is that they will be able to learn new things, widen their vocabulary, and sharpen their minds. They become aware of the different things that are happening in the world as well as various topics that they haven’t known before.

There are many things that one can read; it could be a newspaper, journal, reference books, story books, novel, and much more.

Anthology book

djhd74This type of book is a compilation of short stories, poetry or excerpts, usually in a similar topic, that were written by various authors. The theme could be the same too as well as the writing style. If this is the type of book that you are interested in and you are looking for something that has something to do with politics, then find out what is the most known anthology revolution. You will surely find a lot of them at the library or bookstores.

Why do some writers prefer an anthology?

With the huge number of anthology books that you will see on the market, you might be wondering, why is it that these writers prefer their work to be just a part of an anthology? Why do they just not write their own book so they will become famous and earn more money at the same time? Well, there are several reasons for this.

First of all, being in an anthology would mean less work on the part of the writers. All they have to do is to submit their parts, and that would be it. Unlike when one is trying to publish a book that was solely written. There will be more hassles.

Also, when partaking in an anthology book, you will have the chance to work with other writers. There may be instances when you get to work with a famous author, and this will surely make your credentials look a lot better. It is considered as a ‘resume builder’.

Participating in an anthology book

hjdhjd74Although the book won’t be all yours, you will still be a part of the recognition. So, if you are a writer who is just starting out in this field, then participating in an anthology book would be an excellent stepping stone. And for the book to be successful, make sure that you do your best when doing your part. You can communicate with the other authors and come up with good ideas of how you can make the book more interesting. It is also essential that you advertise the book so more people will get to know about it.

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