As a child grows up, time will come when he has to be separated from his parents as well as brought out from his comfort zone for a few hours a day. This is the time when he goes to a nursery school, where he will experience more things rather than just being confined to the four corners of a home. It is true that kids can have their play time at home, but sooner or later, they will reach the age when this is no longer enough.

So, once your kid has reached the age of two or three, you should consider sending him to a nursery school. If you reside in London, the best nursery Northwood will ensure that your kid will learn and enjoy at the same time. This would help you a lot too since you won’t have to worry about who is going to look after your child while you are busy at work.

Nursery education

jjdjd74Some parents may be wondering if sending their kids to a nursery school is really important. Well, it is. In fact, this stage will serve as the children’s foundation for when they start formal schooling. Nurseries provide child care as well as education to your little ones. They see to it that the kids’ skills and abilities will be enhanced as this will prepare them for more challenges as they step into preschool and grade school.


If you drop your kid off the nursery school for the very first day, you might find this quite challenging. You can expect that some kids do not want their parents to be alone with other kids and people whom they don’t know. But as the days will pass by, your kid will get through this. As he or she socialize with other people, his or her self-esteem will be built.


In a nursery school, children will also get to learn about self-discipline. They will be taught how to focus on the things that they need to do so they can finish them on time.


Moreover, while the teacher talks, the kids will learn how to listen and comprehend what the facilitator is saying. But, of course, this will be done step by step.

Play and learn

Being in a nursery school is not all about play time. Kids will also learn a lot of things. In fact, in every game that they will play, the staff will see to it that they learn something good from it.

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