Preschool is a stage which children are filled with many wondrous moments. In this stage in a child’s life, a child is filled with many tremendous intellectuals, emotional and also social development. Most of the skills which your child learns in this stage may seem simple to you but trust me they will set your young one up for a lifetime of learning. Nursery Finchley is one of the best preschools.The pre-school level to an adult seems to be an all fun, music and fun but you need to realize that there is an intense brain work that goes on in the mind of the young child.

Numbers and counting skills


Preparation for the Kindergarten stage is usually done in the preschool stage. As a result of this, Preschool is the stage where the young child starts to learn the foundations of mathematics. The mathematics that is taught in this stage includes the counting of numbers from one to ten or even twenty. Mathematics is paramount in life, and hence it is good to indulge the young ones at this early age.

Basic shapes

Other than numbers other things that young children learn in preschool are shapes. Shapes are crucial in the knowledge of the young child. Basic shapes are usually the foundations of the later learning in the life of geometry. Scientists have proven that the mind of a human is good in remembering, details that are much visual than theory. To the young child, learning shapes are good in building up the memory of the young child.


The creativity of language development in a child’s mind and memory is made possible by learning colors. A child at this stage is usually taught to name and also identify different basis colors like for example Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

The alphabet

An alphabet is normally a system that is made for normal writing. It consists of lists of symbols which are used for writing.  To a young child learning and also understanding the Alphabet goes way beyond the singing over and over the ABC song. In this stage, children are taught how different letters in the alphabet correspond to certain sounds. With this in mind, the children are also taught on how the letters come to make different words.

Gross motor skills


These are the kind of skills that make kids go for outdoor activities and also dancing. These skills make the children aware of nature, interacting outside and moving all around. Young children like to play, and so Gross motor skills are crucial in the development of a young child.


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