Top 5 Must-Have Qualities Of A Good Editor

Editing is anything but a simple and easy task. After all, it is the job of an editor to turn average pieces of standard writing into excellent articles. Regardless of whether it is jarring spelling errors, syntax errors or punctuation errors that can completely change the meaning of a sentence, a reliable editor will take care of all of these. They will do so to ensure that the writer’s message is perfectly conveyed and passed onto the readers with perfect clarity. More often than not, the importance of having a good editor is usually realized and best understood in the absence of one.

If you are currently searching for an experienced and reliable editor, there are a few qualities you should pay attention to. If you don’t know what these are, we will help you by going over some must have good qualities of an editor.

1. An editor must have a strong command over language

A large number of writers have a strong tendency to use jargon or bombastic language in their works. They use it because they think these will add depth and gravity to their writing, as well as engage their readers. This is exactly where a good editor comes into play. They must have a strong command over the language, to remove those overly bombastic words, phrases, and expressions and replace them with something more appropriately.234t56ytrterw

2. An editor must be able to handle criticism

Just like any job out there, an editor’s job can also be subjected to criticism. Whether that criticism is coming from the chief editor or the writers themselves, an editor needs to be capable of dealing with all the criticism that comes their way and deliver their projects on time. Also, an editor must also be able to handle and sort out any misunderstandings and disagreements with the writers in the most tactful manner.

3. They should be prudent

This is undoubtedly one of the most important qualities of an excellent editor. They need to be patient and perfectly calm, to ensure that all team members can perform their duties comfortably. This is very important, especially because publishing houses are usually under intense pressure due to deadlines.

4. An editor should be diligent and have a sharp eye for details

Since this profession mainly revolves around spotting and rectifying mistakes, a good editor needs to have a sharp eye for even the smallest details when checking an article. A good editor will always keep in mind that even the best writers can sometimes make errors while writing. However, they shouldn’t make any unnecessary and superfluous changes if the writing piece is devoid of any mistakes.

5. They should have subject matter expertise

retyrtjghfgtwr4Aside from ensuring that a piece of writing is flawless, an editor is also tasked with ensuring that the readers receive the information they are interested in. With this in mind, a good editor should have sufficient knowledge and a strong command over a particular subject, so as to ensure that the information is conveyed the way the writer intended it.

Being a good editor does not just mean being fluent in a certain language. It also means having the previously mentioned qualities, which will allow an individual to excel in the world of editing.…

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